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Mid Michigan Banking Group

Banker's Scholarship Application

This year, the Mid Michigan Banking Group is pleased to offer not one but TWO scholarships! One for MBA's Perry School of Banking and one for Barret Graduate Banking School!
 As a member of the Mid Michigan Banking Group, your team members are qualified to apply for the scholarships!

*Applicants MUST be members of MMBG to be selected

2023 Scholarship Deadline: February 17th, 2023

Scholarship Applications must be submitted with the following:

1.) A copy of your Graduate School of Banking registration form.**
2.) A copy of your Resume with a Cover Letter
3.) A letter of commitment from your employer*
4.) A letter of recommendation from a senior officer sponsoring the applicant.

*Employer's letter of commitment states they will provide reimbursement/tuition
costs to complete the MBA Perry School of Banking Program
**If you need a registration form, please contact us at

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