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Who We Are

Thompson Phelan Group (TPG) and Barber McCalpin Associates (BMA), its architectural division, are Great Lakes Based corporations engaged in the professional disciplines of architecture and project management. The companies share a foundational belief that architecture is a communication experience. To succeed in this communication the client’s objectives must be understood by the design team. Interpretation of the client’s goals and objectives expressed through design innovations and functional awareness are the measure of the firm’s success with each project. Financial service centers make up the clear majority of the firms work. They also work in healthcare, retail, municipal, education and ecumenical markets.

The phrase “Total Project” was coined by TPG. The “Total Project” strategy is their responsibility for the communication between architectural services and project manager. The firm is passionate about communication in every aspect of their work. Their construction documents display an unyielding dedication to communication through precise details which result in fiercely competitive subcontract bids regularly within 1% and 2% of bid value. Their average total change order rate is 1% of project cost.

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