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For more than 130 years, clients have trusted Varnum, LLP for excellence, innovation and superior results in the delivery of legal services. Over the years, as the needs of our clients have become more complex, we have kept pace by constantly expanding our areas of practice, our understanding of evolving trends and issues, and our ability to harness technology effectively.

Today, Varnum, LLP is firmly established as one of Michigan's premier law firms. A full-service provider of legal counsel, Varnum, LLP has a strong core of experience.

Varnum, LLP clients represent a diverse range of business and legal interests: manufacturers, financial institutions, health care providers, professional groups, municipalities, colleges and universities, school districts, developers, publishers, retailers, governmental units, transportation, trade associations and charitable organizations.

Our team approach to client service provides an outstanding model for maintaining the close personal relationship that traditionally exists between lawyer and client, while ensuring the client also has available to them the full resources of the firm.


One of our lawyers will assume primary responsibility for the client relationship, and he or she will be assisted as needed by other lawyers within the firm who can offer their experience on a particular matter.

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For more information about Varnum check out their website:
Varnum LLP | A Business Law Firm | Grand Rapids, Detroit (

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