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Mid Michigan Banking Group

Board Member Application



The Mid Michigan Banking Group (MMBG) is now accepting applications for enthusiastic members and associate members to join the MMBG Board.  This is a great opportunity to become more involved with the MMBG, whose mission is to serve as an educational and information exchange system supporting the banking and financial communities through a broad variety of programs. 


Board duties include:

  • Attendance at planning meetings (call-in or in person)

  • Participation in discussions and votes regarding the administration of the MMBG and our group meetings throughout the year


Officer duties include:

  • Collecting membership dues and tracking membership

  • Checking and responding to MMBG-related emails

  • Updating the MMBG website as needed

  • Assistance with event organization, speakers, and event invitations

  • Creating flyers for each event

  • Working with sponsors 


Board Member Application
Is your company already a member of MMBG?
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