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Who We Are

Mid Michigan Banking Group was started in 1964 with Theodore Hessler of the First State Bank of Greenville, serving as the first President. Originally the group was created to increase communications throughout banks in Mid Michigan. Since then we have grown into a networking and educational outlet for banks across Michigan.

MMBG Board Members

Pictured (Left to Right):

Jake Kiliszewski, VP of Technology

Molly Reid, Past President

RaDonna Laranja, EVP of Finance

Rachel Malowinski, Current President

Geritt Guillaume, VP of Marketing

Not Pictured:

Stacy Pelikan, VP of Membership

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Our mission is to serve as an educational and information exchange system supporting the banking and financial communities through a broad variety of programs. 

​The Group strives to maintain the following characteristics:


A. Focal point for educational programs.


B. Forum for the exchange of timely industry information.


C. Conduit for the development of professionalism and leadership skills.

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