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Making MMBG History


MMBG Past Presidents

Honoring those that have paved the way for us today.
Thank you for everything,

2022-2023 Rachel Malowinski, Andrews Hooper Pavlik

2021-2022 Molly Reid, IT Resource 

2020-2021 Nicole Kozminski, Independent Bank

2019-2020 Patricia Brown, ChoiceOne Bank

2018-2019 Pete Slovinski, Shelby State Bank

2017-2018 Lisa Parker, Shelby State Bank

2016-2017 Michael Keast, Chemical Bank

2015-2016 Elizabeth Rose, Independent Bank

2014-2015 Dennis Schichtel, Fifth Third Bank

2013-2014 Michele Krick, Mercantile Bank

2012-2013 Brett Hoover, Mercantile Bank

2011-2012 Sheila Clark, ChoiceOne Bank

2010-2011 Julie Wheeler, Independent Bank

2009-2010 Wendi Lewis, Security Corp

2008-2009 Mishelle Comstock, Shelby State Bank

2007-2008 Kevin Meade, Firstbank - Ionia

2006-2007 Lou Knooihuizen, ChoiceOne Bank

2005-2006 Ralph Berggren, Community Shores Bank

2004-2005 Christine Fortier, Union Bank

2003-2004 Gary Stockdale, MBA Service Corp

2002-2003 Kimm Griffin, Shelby State Bank

2001-2002 Dean Anderson, Select Bank

2000-2001 David Miller, Firstbank Corp

1999-2000 Robert Fisher, Lake-Osceola State Bank

1998-1999 Rebecca Johnson, Valley Ridge Bank

1997-1998 Gary Bailey, Shelby State Bank

1996-1997 James D. Fast, Ionia County National Bank

1995-1996 Gerald p. David, Sparta State Bank

1994-1995 Frederick Sanford, Shelby State Bank

1993-1994 Leslie Sherman, Old State Bank of Fremont

1992-1993 Cynthia J. Watson, Kent City State Bank

1991-1992 Denis L. Crosby, Sparta State Bank
1990-1991 Nancy A. Sorensen, State Savings Bank of Scottville

1989-1990 Billie K. Fitz, FMB-Oceans Bank

1988-1989 Randall J. Ferris, First Michigan Bank Corp

1987-1988 Richard L. Edgar, Kent City State Bank

1986-1987 Ronald J. Beuker, Union Bank & Trust, N.A

1985-1986 Janet Cantwell, First State Bank of Greenville

1984-1985 Michael M. Magee Jr., Ludington Bank & Trust

1983-1984 Erry Sydow, Ionia County National Bank

1982-1983 James E. Cathey, Commercial State Savings Bank

1981-1982 James W. Coats Central Michigan Bank & Trust

1980-1981 Michael M. Tudor, Lumberman's Bank

1979-1980 Bruce R Fairbanks, Union Bank & Trust Co

1978-1979 Ivan Vanderkolk, Old Kent Bank & Trust Co

1977-1978 Thomas Van Buren, State Savings Bank of Scottville

1976-1977 Robert A. Koch, State Bank of Michigan

1975-1976 C.E Wernette, Central Mich. Bank & Trust

1974-1975 Herbert C. Wybenga, First Michigan Bank & Trust

1973-1974 Harry Larkin, First Security Bank of Ionia

1972-1973 James L. Turco, National Lumberman's Bank

1971-1972 Marvin Anderson, Michigan National Bank

1970-1971 W. Bruce Merrill, First National Bank of Wyoming

1969-1970 Keith Visscher, Fremont Bank & Trust Co

1968-1969 Gordon VanBeek, Security First Bank & Trust Co

1967-1968 David Welling, Peoples Bank & Trust

1966-1967 Lemoyne Krebs, Western State Bank

1965-1966 C.T Kalinowski, Montcalm Central Bank

1964-1965 Theodore R. Hessler, First State Bank of Greenville

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