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Why Perry School of Banking?

The MBA's Perry School of Banking has a long history of helping its students gain a broader knowledge and understanding of major banking functions such as credits, investments, asset and liability management, planning and control, regulatory issues, human resources, and marketing. The school is governed by a board of trustees. Students are in residence one week each year for the three years. Students spend a minimum of 40 hours in the classroom and work on projects throughout the year. They also take comprehensive final exams, along with competing in the Bank Simulations!

The MBA Perry Schools of Banking are designed to provide you with the skills needed to manage the functional areas of banking as well as develop the ability to problem solve, work in teams and make decisions in a managerial setting. Develop and gain the industry insight and knowledge you need to enhance your career. The school is offered every Spring for one week, for three years. Students are also expected to complete four correspondence assignments to reinforce the concepts learned. Cases involve bank financial analysis, technology, bank marketing and asset/liability management.

*Applicants MUST be members of MMBG to be selected

Mid Michigan Banking Group 
Scholarship Application

To submit your application, please complete the following.

1.) A copy of your Graduate School of Banking registration form.**

2.) A copy of your Resume with a Cover Letter

3.) A letter of commitment from your employer*

4.) A letter of recommendation from a senior officer sponsoring the applicant.

Please note:
*Employer's letter of commitment states they will provide reimbursement/tuition
costs to complete the MBA Perry School of Banking Program

**If you need a registration form, please contact us at

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